"Winning requires three things: a business proposition that consumers embrace even when customer spending is down; enough cash to fund the business appropriately when cash is scarce; and great execution by the team"

- Business Week Article

what do we do

Strategic Consulting

We focus on developing business models for sustainable profitable growth. Understanding the competitive landscape, company positioning, strategic planning and operational effectiveness and continuous improvement are imperatives for success in the market. 


M&A Advisory 

An important area for growth or the culmination of the road is inorganic growth. We support the company to get ready for that milestone and/or during the transaction itself. 



Through our network of investors, we can facilitate the capitalizations and corporate finance transactions. If the company is only interested on selling, we are prepared to make the acquisition ourselves.


Our experienced professionals have worked in numerous turn around situations. We help develop, implement and navigate through the difficult times of a business turnaround. 

who we are


sectors of interest

Even though we are generalists, our areas of deeper expertise reside on consumer products, manufacturing, technology and life sciences. Of special interest are companies with barriers of entry; clear value proposition and high growth potential. 

Logos Venture Partners


Value Creation and Growth


Since its founding on 2002, Logos Venture Partners has worked with a select number of companies and entrepreneurial ventures to accelerate them and to achieve growth. We are entrepreneurs by nature, sophisticated business operators and financially savvy professionals.

During our professional lives we have seen many instances of success and failure. Either while working at our traditional jobs (working for others) or through our personal ventures. Our continuous professional growth have lead us to develop an in depth methodology to grow companies that have been applying to our ventures. And that is the recipe for our success. We understand what it takes to grow a company and to create value.

At the end of the day, we are investors, we fundamentally invest our time (which we consider the most valuable resource) but we also invest our own capital and the capital of our partners to achieve returns above market.

We look forward for the opportunity to work with exciting new ventures and applying all of our resources to get all together to the next level.